2018 - Découvrez le tableau "Road trip suisse" de Lonni Carteron sur Pinterest. Tour one of the best gin distilleries in the world. Planning to do exact trip as yours by end of November. The itinerary you will roughly follow for this road trip is as follows: Geneva -Montreux – Vevey – Bern – Adelboden – Zermatt – Gruyeres – Lausanne – Geneva – Zurich and Mt. The Rigi boasts one of the best views of Switzerland. Just park it at a convenient parking lot and take the tram into the city. Road Trip Suisse . Drive onto Adelboden and check into your hotel. Thank you for inspiring us with your travel stories . There is no shortage of things to do in the Adelboden area. “Cheers mon” It is easy to spend days walking around the village of Adelboden doing nothing but relishing the sights and sounds of Swiss village life. But you MUST take your car out for a drive of two. I have a 5 yr old and would request you to share Air B&B details if possible which ones to book.. You can use this link to get $35 off your first booking on Air BnB if you’d like. In Geneva outskirts itself or some other place? While Switzerland is stunning during summer, it can also get crowded and expensive. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème Voyage suisse, Paysage, Suisse. A famous town with picturesque architecture, a medieval castle and lots, lots of cheese. Also, did you guys stay in Adelboden only when you went to Interlaken, because I believe the places are quite close. A Culinary and Wellness Journey: Our unique Hilton Honors Experience In Maharashtra, Crafting our Hilton Honors Experience in Gold Coast, Australia, Everything you need to know to plan an EPIC trip to Sikkim, International Travel To India During the pandemic, https://www.bruisedpassports.com/category/switzerland, In fact if you have an extra day and are keen to see a new country, you could even. That’s why we suggest booking a traditional Swiss chalet, that offers free parking, in a scenic spot outside of Zermatt. However, just for peace of mind, it might be betetr to stay in a bigger city like Zurich or even Bern. Is it easy to drive on your own? Daily life goes on as usual in Switzerland and roads are cleared for driving! While a number of tourists drive to Montreaux for a view of Lake Geneva, literally nobody knows about a romantic French village not far from Geneva or Montreaux. Really looking forward to your reply, so confused with mixed options and opinions online ! Looking forward to do really fun stuffs but what tops my list is a really really good thermal spa with snow around. Geneva is a convenient starting point for your road trip but other than that, it doesn’t have too much to offer. Could you please recommend if its better to stay in a hotel or a BnB. Love reading your blogs as always , If you’re travelling with kids or a big group, then AirBnB or other apartments make more sense . Wanted to know where did you guys stay when you went to Montreaux and Yvoire. See the Great Church, updated in Gothic style in the … We loved Jamaica Happy to hear the article was helpful – have a great time driving in Switzerland . All roads are well taken care of even in heavy snow – if there are any remote roads that are cut-off, you’ll know about that. , Read everything you need to know about visiting Gruyeres on a day trip here (opens in new tab). This is so helpful. Killer blog guys. The car-free village will take you back in time. Do you guys see any challenge with the road trip in end of November ? The quaint village can get quite busy during ski season but other than that, it’s usually quiet. 28 oct. 2016 - Découvrez le tableau "road trip suisse" de Marc Coatimundi sur Pinterest. Planning to drive down to Milan after your itinerary. Notre mini « road trip » en Suisse commence par la très française Genève. Did you guys go mountain pass to reach your next place? The wellness area of the hotel truly stand out – expect amenities such as a heated outdoor pool surrounded by mountains on all sides and a thoroughly relaxing sauna area. Have a look at https://www.bruisedpassports.com/category/switzerland, Thanks for this awesome post! We are from a cold part in the US, are accustomed to snow and we have 2 kids (8y and 3y old). Yvoire is on the French side (in fact we have linked the official website as well if you notice carefully :)). Zurich. How are the restroom / toilet facilities in Switzerland in case of road trips? We arrive Monday 7th October via Geneva airport lunch time. We are planning to do road trip by this month end one question how about parking in the public area when we will go for sightseeing . By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Also, would it be better to take public transport or rent a car? E-Grand Tour Le Grand Tour de Suisse est le premier Road Trip au monde pour véhicules électriques. Freelance writer, contributor Time and Place Savvy Travel Blog and Official Outbound ambassador Read more articles by: Travellous World. Is this the case? Savi and Vid are storytellers, photographers, and above all two happy souls who love travelling the world and writing about their adventures and misadventures on this website and social media. Can we drive in switzerland on an Indian driving license or is an IDP mandatory? 662 views . Scenic and spacious suites offer 180 degree views of the surrounding valleys and villages and an unobstructed view of snow-laden mountains. All rights reserved. Is this all feasible ?, also a lot of the forums online mention parking problems if busy areas like montreux, I planned on not hanging around in Geneva too long and going to montreux for a nice view, where would we park ? Road Trip Suisse. Do update us here as your experience would help others planning a road trip in Switzerland , Your road trip looked awesome! Wow! Myself and daugher in law and toddler grandson will be chilling that day they are out watching airshow in our apartment in Beatenberg, as husband and son will have to climb some way up to get good shots of aircraft flying through mountains. If you’re a fanatic road tripper like me, a road trip in Switzerland is an absolute must. . We suggest setting aside at least 10 days for the road trip. I want to visit Zermatt in may. Check out these photos to see what we were greeted with upon reaching Zermatt. Titlis. If you like your wine, then don’t leave without stopping at the supremely scenic Lavaux vineyards, overlooking Lake Geneva. Well, can’t really predict the weather. Just be careful with that other than that all good . But if you have an extra day at hand, we’d recommend spending it in Lausanne. An Alpine road that winds its way through the fabled Swiss mountains, Klausen Pass takes drivers through a long and winding journey of beautiful scenery on one of the best road trips in Europe. The passes are great for a drive, whether by car, motorbike or if you’re really sportive: by bicycle. Would love to see the most beautiful parts of Switzerland in 4 days before returning to Paris. At this stage, you could go directly to Geneva and catch your flight from there. Make sure you pack a picnic because there are dozens of picnic spots along the way. I loved this trip. We are planning Switzerland Nov 2020.This itinerary is really amazing. by Georges (France) Hi, We plan is to visit Switzerland for 4 days in the beginning of May. Yes of course it will Switzerland road trip is amazing in any month , Hey.. 4 Day Trip to Switzerland. Hi Savi and Vid, Do you have any suggestions as to what is most picturesque route to take to and from airport? What’s more, the top can be reached by cable car or by a steep train. Thanks – happy to hear that Yes Switzerland has such amazing villages and pretty little towns – ideal for a road trip , There are plenty of service stations with proper toilet facilities so nothing to worry about, Hey savi & vid , Tjsnk you for the Switzerland itenary , few places are unknown to us , will be of grt help as we r going to Switzerland, Happy to hear that Bindu – hope you have an amazing time driving in Switzerland , Hi want to ask what would u suggest as a base cities for overnights for pregnant women in Swiss considering there are medical facilities vastly available !! Thanks for putting this together. If you’re on a budget, we suggest opting for a Road Trip in Bavaria or a Road Trip in Slovenia (stunning routes both!). Hi Guys, I am long time follower and big fan.. do you reckon this would be good itinerary if visiting in summer? Yes, we don’t see why not a road trip in Switzerland is always a good idea . Parking ? Husband and son are hoping to catch the airshow up in mountains on October 8th or 9th weather dependant (son is aviation photographer enthusiast). Yes that will be a great idea – 4 days in Switzerland. Jetsetting in this town not far from the Italian border is an absolute pleasure. Watch this video for some ideas about things to do when you are in Zurich, That’s it – everything you need to plan an epic road trip in Switzerland. We will be visiting from Paris. WE stayed in Geneva and did Montreaux and Yvoire as a day trip/drive. Coming from our sunny paradise in Jamaica we hope to absorb nature at this very different level ….stopping and viewing ….but not too much distant walking. I have been to Switzerland before but this time I am planning a road trip and your article turned out to be a great guide. Zurich has a beautiful ancient heart, and is great for shopping. Plan your next road trip route with Roadtrippers. (Just thinking of what to wear). As for Adelboden, yes on our way from Geneva to Interlaken we spent a few days in Adelboden . You can find this city slightly more south from Zurich. Any app you can suggest? The best road trip route through the Southern United States Friendly faces, comfort food, and views that go for miles are just the start of what makes the South an incredible region to explore. A medieval castle set against a magnificent backdrop of the Alps and deep blue waters. But that’s not all. I have made a note of the places you have suggested. these photos to see what we were greeted with upon reaching Zermatt. Driving up the many mountain passes, visiting cute Mediterranean villages in the south and having raclette for dinner. I was planning a trip with my family. Both journeys are memorable experiences. Train to Zermatt & 5 Lakes Hike. A country I visited often with my family when I was little, and still love to visit from time to time. 6 Must See Villages on your winter road trip in Zermatt, Staying in an igloo and sleeping on beds of ice in Switzerland, We highly recommend spending an entire day exploring the utterly charming village of Gruyeres and the surrounding countryside. Zermatt is the gateway to the famous Matterhorn mountain, one of the most striking mountains in the world. The tram is convenient and stops at most prominent sites in Geneva. Hi, When to go on a road trip in Switzerland Skiers hit Switzerland during winter months but summer (June-September) is the most popular time to go on a road trip in Switzerland. I believe this would have been feasible, correct. Hey Savi and Vid Day 2: harderkulm In the morning – Mount titlis cable car – drive to hotel perhaps on the outskirts of Zermet Your email address will not be published. Now available: Part 2 – with 10 more tips for an unforgettable road trip in Switzerland. Titlis (optional). Hi Savi! We usually run a search on google for exact prices when we are planning our day . I wondered if the drive is easy? I’m sorta jealous of how well you planned also lovely pictures! Best Camping in Switzerland on Tripadvisor: Find traveler reviews, candid photos, and prices for 115 camping in Switzerland, Europe. There is truly no better place to stay here than The Cambrian Adelboden. If you enjoy speciality coffee, then definitely try out one (or all) of these coffee shops for a perfectly brewed cup of coffee – Coutume, Birdie, and Boréal. Hope you have an incredible time driving in the country and don’t forget to read all our articles about Switzerland . Thank you. Découvrez les incontournables de chaque étape de ce road trip de plus de 1'600 km. Around 50 EUR per day but that can vary depending on the car you choose, how much you drive etc. We’ve been reading up a lot about driving in Switzerland and a lot of forums have suggested downloading English maps before hand and loading them into the GPS since the GPS from the car rental company did not have English maps. Itinéraire de notre road trip en Suisse Voici à peu près le trajet que nous avons effectué pendant les 7 jours de road trip en Suisse. Please share if you had faced any. We will be 5 adults and 1 child (4 yrs). Let’s face it – Switzerland is an expensive country! On hot summer days you can cool down in Lake Zurich or in one of the futuristic shopping malls. Do u think september would be a good time to that? Or how to find good deals on BnBs? Thank you:). Like what you see? If not, then start charting out your itinerary for a Swiss road trip. This lovely village near the French border was declared the most beautiful village of west Switzerland in 2014. Cars will give you more flexibility especially when travelling with kids ☺️. The interactive Grand Tour of Switzerland web route is sure to awaken the tour fever that lies inside. Just a few questions, is the weather end of October – Mid Nov. snow season? Wow loved your itinerary…I got to know many lesser known, small villages in Switzerland which cannot be missed. If you do start early, you could take a small detour to Vevey / Montreaux by Lake Geneva , Have an amazing trip and please don’t miss your flight (yes, Switzerland is that pretty and distracting ;-)). Thanks so much for great itinerary sharing; we’ll drive a car with 9seats for 6persons, may I know at below: 1. Castle Chillon or Chateaux Chillon as it is called among the locals, is a famous landmark on Lake Geneva. It offers gorgeous views of Lake Geneva. It does help that one of my best friends live there, so I always have a very good excuse to visit this small country in the middle of Europe. Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland. Balance it out with a trip to Stuttgart’s Cube Restaurant, trading city walls for urban modernism. Including gas and parking. fat road trip … We would recommend staying here instead of touristy places like Interlaken in the vicinity. kikochikitin ski Video Published 11 May 2010 . Great itinerary to refer , we are planing to have same route in may first week , i hope snow will cleared ? Once you’re all settled in your chalet, take the next 2 days to explore the villages dotting the area. Which places would u recommend for a must stay and visit? Please help! Idyllic pastures, iconic mountain peaks, scenic chalets, quaint villages blanketed with snow, hand-crafted cheeses, bespoke chocolates, and some of the prettiest drives in the world – a road trip in Switzerland is one of those things you must experience once in a lifetime. In fact I’ve even ranted about just how expensive it is in our article on 5 Travel Annoyances. While Switzerland is stunning during summer, it can also get crowded and expensive. A classic among the Swiss road trips. Take your time in Geneva to explore the UN Building, walk along the lake, or shop at the dozens of shops lining the centre. 17 janv. Thanks! If you wish to take one of the most epic road trips of your life we suggest you to take exciting road trips in Switzerland and taking one here would be so worth it! Im mapping out my trip as we speak. Now that’s settled, let’s move on to the main focus of today’s feature. Hike the Gourmet … Pour faire un résumé, nous avons passé une journée à Genève en arrivant le 31 décembre, nous nous sommes ensuite dirigés vers la capitale, Berne , en passant par Gruyères, Fribourg et Bienne . We’re super excited for our short Switzerland trip. The Old Town of Brig is ideal for a post lunch gander. Yes you can definitely do this in March but do keep in mind that there’ll be snow on the roads (Which is cleared regularly) but you still need to be comfortable driving on those roads. Switzerland Tourism: Tripadvisor has 2,347,330 reviews of Switzerland Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Switzerland resource. Visiter la Suisse avec le Grand Tour de Suisse. The town of Montreaux offers a stunning view of the lake against the famed Chillon Castle. Colourful houses line the lake at the Ascona promenade. Would any of the unique experiences be closed in Mar? This drive from Adelboden to Zermatt takes just 2.5 hours. Will it b ideal. Pretty much everything is open in March . , Our experience driving in Switzerland has been very pleasant. Can i still visit d alps? It will not be as cold as in Oct-Mar but will still be gorgeous . (Obviously a little nervous about the drive so wanted to see if you had any insight!) Any steep roads, blind curves, huge bridges? My husband and I are planning a road trip in the next few months and we loved your itinerary. A dense network with over 300 charging stations ensures power over the entire route and consequently guarantees comfortable and clean driving pleasure over 1600 km. A classic among the Swiss road trips. Take a stroll in the village of Gruyeres, sample traditional Swiss fondue for lunch, and visit a chocolate factory in the area. We used a GPS but you can also use google maps or any offline application for maps, Hi we are going swiss in may. Quelques informations essentielles avant le départ — La monnaie : en Suisse, la monnaie est le Franc Suisse … We usually do a mix of eating in restaurants and buying stuff from supermarkets. 7. Yes, it’s relatively easy to drive however if you’re not used to driving on the right then it can take a couple of days to adjust. The fishing village has so much character, all its own. Thank you! Adelboden makes for the perfect romantic getaway during the last weeks of November when it’s covered with a blanket of snow but the skiing crowd hasn’t yet descended on the village. Every four to five years the Klausenrunnen takes … Breakfast is tasty and plentiful – expect an expansive variety of cheese. A great time to visit is the shoulder season of November-December. Where do you suggest I drive from? Enter where you want to start and finish your road trip, and then discover the coolest “off the beaten path” places along the way. Hey – just make sure the car you rent comes with snow tyres. Yes, we did cross a few passes . Like London, Switzerland is my second home. But if you are planning your road trip during winter months, try to choose a 4X4, equipped with snow tyres and heated seats. Spend some time exploring the Old City and the lakefront district Ouchy. Yes you can visit the alps for sure in May. I have a question and it would be great if you can help me out! I will be in Munich with my family from 14th through 23rd Mar this year, and was wondering if we can visit Lucerne-Interlaken-Bern-Zurich for 3-4d around that time. The rest is up to you: Meditate in Baden’s verdant woods. Roadtrip en Suisse 1er étape Neuchâtel - Berne | World Wandering Des lacs bordés de palmiers jusqu’aux glaciers les plus grandioses, suivez moi durant ces 15 jours de roadtrip à travers la suisse. Is that expensive ? As for good deals, you can use this link to sign-up and book on AirBnB (first time user) for a good discount. Copyright © 2020 Travellous World. Would you make any tweaks ? Yes you can do that using trains and buses in Switzerland but a car will give you much more flexibility , Hi i am planning a trip to switzerland in september 2018. The lounge overlooks the village nestled amidst Swiss peaks. Zermatt should definitely be the first village you explore. This block is amazing. As for driving to Milan – that sounds amazing but not sure what you mean by “where do I drive from”? Ivor & Claudja, What a beautiful part of the world you live in. Is this trip possible using the public transport and not a car ? Tourism alumna with a passion for theatre, dancing and photography. Hi Vid and Savi, the GPS device in our car had English maps so we didn’t face this problem. Hope you had a great trip – sorry we couldn’t reply sooner. If I had to pick a favorite place on this Switzerland itinerary, it would … Did you guys cook food frequently , or all were from random restaurant ? Share video. Road trip planning made easier. Notre itinéraire road trip en Suisse : de Genève à Filisur Passons aux choses sérieuses et parlons concrètement de notre itinéraire et de ce que nous avons fait dans chaque lieu. Hi there, This article is just what I was looking for. Tweet Copy this HTML to put this video on your site, blog or MySpace . You’ve seen us wearing these, AD I'm always MOST alive with music & her for comp, No greater high than savouring every drop of life, You know travel is in your blood when after the mo, this link to get $35 off your first booking on Air BnB, my link to get $35 off your first booking on Air BnB. The Great St. Bernard Pass is the third highest pass in Switzerland and is at the highest point on the Great St. Bernard Hospice road. Here are some that we would recommend – pick and choose ones that suit your preferences best. It’s both tough and expensive to find parking in the middle of the bustling city, so we suggest renting an apartment or chalet on Air B&B at the outskirts of Geneva. Your articles are the best …and we thank you . Loved your posts, you guys make such a cute couple ! As you could see in the infographic, Switzerland has 101 (you may applaud now) of pass roads. Looking out over the Swiss Alps, overlooking Lake Lucerne and boasting some of the best hiking paths of Switzerland. But we would suggest leaving Geneva early and spending a chunk of Day 4 in the capital city of Bern. Saw your post of Cambrian, ADELBODEN but wonder will it be snowy as in the pictures during september month.. Yvoire is a locals’ secret and we got to it after a chance conversation with a friend who lives in Geneva but we just HAD to share it with you. You can use my link to get $35 off your first booking on Air BnB if you’d like. So it is almost impossible to plan a road trip in Switzerland on a budget. Un réseau dense de plus de 300 bornes de recharge assure l’alimentation électrique sur l’ensemble du parcours, pour un plaisir de conduite garanti sur plus de 1600 kilomètres. Happy to know you found it useful Since availability and preferences vary, it’s best if you search on AirBnB and pick the ones that suit your budget and choices best . The sumptuous boutique hotel is easily one of the most scenic properties we’ve ever stayed at! Zermatt is the gateway to the famous Matterhorn mountain, one of the most striking mountains in the world. 10 Tips for an unforgettable Road Trip in Switzerland. Once you have had your fill of Zermatt, we’d recommend driving further afield to villages such as Grachen, which is home to a stunning alpine lake and the supremely scenic Simplon Dorf, home to the Simplon Pass that connects Italy and Switzerland. Make sure you visit The Gurten, which offers an incredible view over the city of Bern or Rosengarten for a panorama of the Old City of Bern. As always we suggest comparing prices of car rentals on Economy Bookings and opting for the most cost-effective provider through them. This article is very helpful to plan a road trip in Switzerland. Hey either will be amazing. Visitors have access to unlimited samples of chocolates in most factories in the area – free chocolate is always a good thing right?! Day 3: spend the day in zermett and drive back to Geneva. Thanks in advance for your help. We going to be there for 8 days, There’s a lot of places to choose from but our top suggestions would be Adelboden, Zurich, Interlaken and you can do beautiful day trips. Switzerland's High-Energy Metropolis. Can this roadtrip be done in March? We as a couple will be leaving for Switzerland for three days in two weeks, Problem is we only have three days, the itinerary we planned is: I just have a few questions to ask.. We are unable to find Yvoire on maps..maybe because its unexplored like you said. ski Video Published 11 May 2010 from kikochikitin. Yay.. thanks so much guys.. love u loads.. It is home to the iconic Matterhorn and some of the prettiest skiing slopes in the world. Lucerne has a lake and an Old Town with a wooden covered bridge and bright color houses. These are mainly situated in the Alps and Jura mountain regions. What was the final cost of renting the car for the whole trip? Hi Savi & Vid… I love reading your travelogues. The drive from Geneva to the little village of Adelboden takes approximately 3 hours. We are planning to go to switzerland in October with a kid, do you still suggest to do a road trip or Rail pass is better and cheaper as most of the towns in Switzerland are car free zones? 11 July 2016. Other than that, it isn’t hard to drive in winter if you’re an experienced driver . C’est le rêve de tous les baroudeurs au volant… et, justement, la Suisse l’a fait avec le Grand Tour de Suisse. Please suggest, Hey unfortunately chances of getting that much snow in September are very low . I am worried about roadblocks due to snow. Hi Vid, Savi While Lake Geneva seems distinctly underwhelming from Geneva’s centre, it acquires a personality of its own when viewed from Montreaux. We’d recommend lingering in Yvoire over a meal. Green and mountains all around you, an adorable village after each hairpin bend and a pleasurable Italian climate. The 10 day Switzerland itinerary will now switch on over to the … Did you ever go on a road trip in Switzerland? Comme vous pouvez le constater, nous n’avons pas eu le temps de nous rendre dans la Suisse de l’est, proche du Liechtenstein… The Grand Tour of Switzerland is the world's first road trip for electric vehicles. With its inspiring panoramic views at every bend in the road and amazing natural landscapes dotted along the roadside you will have no trouble finding things to do and see. Perhaps confirm with the car rental agency? Very helpful! Which places(if any) should we avoid in March ? If you 2-3 extra days, you could combine this itinerary with a drive to Zurich and Mt. The ultimate road trip through the Swiss Alps The spectacular Lauterbrunnen Valley, near Grindelwald in the Bernese Alps. Planning a road trip this winter for December month..just one concern will the roads be covered in so much snow that driving will be hard and what abt getting around to the hotel/ Air B&B if it’s fully snow clad?Thank you so much. 250 EUR a day might be sufficient but it all depends on the type of accommodation you choose. Take a walking tour and explore the historical Old Town. Our database includes millions of the world’s most fascinating places, making planning the unexpected easier than you thought. Hope you had an amazing time and didn’t face any issues. When it’s time to eat, head to the busier town of Brig. We have tons more on our social media – see you there , An Epic Road Trip Itinerary For Switzerland. Me and my husband are going on a road trip in Switzerland with a few friends and I am making sure we follow your footsteps:) Its sylvan surroundings are bound to cast a bit of a spell on you. All in all, Switzerland offers plenty of possibilities for an unforgettable road trip. If you want to do something truly unique, you could also stick around in the area for an additional night and sleep on a bed on ice in a rare igloo hotel near Zermatt. Hi Guys, We are planning 5 nights driving in Switzerland in September starting in Geneva and then flying ( or driving) out of Zurich to the French Riviera. This spot is ideal for some photographs. It’s time  wrap up your roadtrip and catch the flight back home. The snow should be clear by May but even if it isn’t, roads are cleared of snow very frequently so it should not be a problem. Note: all photos and opinions in this post are my own, Dutch full time Londonphile and part time traveler. I have read your write up on Switzerland self drive trip. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème paysages magnifiques, beaux endroits, paysage voyage. The botanical gardens are gorgeous and the small beaches are perfect for some relaxation. I’m thinking of renting a car to drive from Leysin (close to Montreux) to Bern, possibly stopping in Gruyere along the way. Also what about food. Hey Sanjyoti – a lot of places have free parking but it is a bit more expensive in more popular areas. Is eating in restaurants costs more or 250€ /day covered all this expense. Après 15 jours de road trip en Suisse et près de 600 km à travers le pays, nous vous donnons tous nos conseils pour préparer au mieux votre futur road trip en Suisse. You guys did in which month ? Would highly recommend driving from Munich to Switzerland. The financial heart of Switzerland and a gateway to the Swiss Alps. We went in November end to Geneva and there was no snow.

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